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Wall panel "Eye" KINTSUGI

The wall panel "KINTSUGI" is made of metal, in the center there is an aged glass mirror.

This metal panel is made in the style of Kintsugi (金継ぎ Japanese — golden patch), or kintsukura (金繕い Japanese - golden repair), is the Japanese art of restoring ceramic products using varnish obtained from the sap of a lacquer tree (urushi) mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. The technique is close to maki-E. The philosophical basis of kintsugi art lies primarily in the fact that breakdowns and cracks are integral to the history of the object, and therefore do not deserve oblivion and disguise.

Conceptually, kintsugi's view is close to the philosophy of Wabi-sabi and consists in accepting flaws and flaws. Japanese aesthetics highly appreciates the details that emphasize the wear and tear from the use of an object: from this point of view, kintsugi benefits both from the practical side, allowing you to continue using the thing after it is damaged, and from the aesthetic side, highlighting cracks and traces of repair in the context of the continuation, not the end, of its life.

Kintsugi is also close to the Japanese philosophy of musin (無心 Japanese: pure mind) with its concepts of non-attachment to things, acceptance of change and destiny as aspects of human life. Kintsugi not only does not hide the damage, but also highlights them, clearly reminding of the impermanence of existence and the vicissitudes of fate, inevitably present both in the past and in the future. It is an acceptance of the torment of existence and empathy for things.

W 130.00 × H 130.00 × D 15.00 cm 15 kg
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