Art Metal Gallery
I welcome you!
My name is Nikolay Tabachkov.

I have been designing and manufacturing decorative metal for more than 20 years. After graduating from the art school, an engraver and a jeweler by profession, he graduated with honors from the Department of Artistic Metal Processing of the Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy and then taught painting and artistic metal processing there.

I am a professional artist and my entire creative life is devoted to working with decorative metal in architecture. The creative workshop is constantly experimenting with technologies and decorative surfaces.

Artistic forging, welding, casting, etching… it's not for nothing that we called ourselves a "laboratory".
Over the years, a team has developed that is comparable in professionalism to the level of restoration workshops.

About me

The team consists of 35 professionals and like-minded people — high-class blacksmiths, locksmiths, sculptors and assistants in the design-a designer and a 3D visualizer. Perfection from idea to implementation — these are the requirements that we impose on each project.

We work only to order, so that the products coming out of the workshop are usually executed in a single copy. As a result of many years of work, works of decorative art of museum quality have been created, which can be on a par with world analogues.

Wrought-iron gates, stair railings, panels, chandeliers and other objects of small architectural forms made by our workshop have become the decoration of a large number of private interiors and houses.

We are happy to carry out both small forged interior items and complex solutions for the design of the house.

More than 300 projects are the result of professional experience, multiplied by love and dedication. The works in the workshop are made manually and with constant author's control on my part.

As a result, unique objects of art are created, both in terms of the artistic component and in terms of performing skills.