Art Metal Gallery

our Collection

Decorative sculpture "Fern"
Decorative panel "Acanthus leaf"
Decorative panel "Stones"
Wall panel «East-West»
Decorative panel "Classic"
Decorative panel "Radiance"
Wall panel "Eye"
Art object "Dedication to Karl Blossfeldt"
Decorative art object "Spike"
This collection features art objects made of metal. This is a project of Artmetallab workshop.
Over the 20 years of the workshop's existence we have accumulated a lot of experience in making premium pieces to order.
But we have always strived for independent expression of our artistic talents and created metal objects for exhibitions and simply as creative works.

The time has come to sum up the intermediate outcome of our quest.
The collection contains interior ready-made objects that can be purchased, or in their absence, made to order.

We are also ready to design and make any object for architecture. Be it interior or exterior. Bring your ideas to life.
The objects are partially in our collection, and partially represented in various galleries in Moscow.
To get acquainted with the product you like, you need to contact us in advance and arrange a meeting.